This page contains a collection of bi-lingual and mono-lingual learning resources, including video content, and a list of recommendations for enabling the full Esperanto alphabet on various operating systems. If you have any suggestions, get in touch, and we’ll be glad to update this page.

The slides from our beginner sessions, including the Ses Pordoj de Esperanto course can be found on their own dedicated page.

Resources in English

English to Esperanto
Esperanto to English

Resources in Esperanto

Mapo de la nuntempaj nomoj (~io-sistemo) kaj limoj de la landoj de la mondo
  • Colourcoded map of countries named with the ŝtatnoma (named by state) and popolnoma (named by people) systems. Credit: Mark – See image below, click to enlarge:
Ŝtatnomitaj kaj Popolnomitaj Landoj
Notu, ke kaze de la ruĝaj landoj, oni povas uzi iun ajn finaĵon el “ujo”/”io”/”lando” laŭprefere. Ĉi tiu mapo montras nur la ĝeneralan kutimon.
  • Map of landmasses, continents, and regions. Credit: Mark – See image below, click to enlarge:
Landmasoj, Kontinentoj, kaj Regionoj

Esperanto on Social Media

Tools for Finding Other Esperantists

Urboj ĉirkaŭ la mondo, en kiuj troviĝas la gastigantoj de la Pasporta Servo

Esperanto Keyboard Layouts by Operating System

Operating SystemKeyboard Suggestion(s)
WindowsTajpi, Connectina Esperanto Keyboard Layout, esperanta-klavaro
MacOsEnable “ABC Extended” in keyboard layout settings, the key combinations for which are: option key+^ followed by c/g/h/j/s for ĉ/ĝ/ĥ/ĵ/ŝ, option key+b followed by u for ŭ. Use ⌘-spacebar to switch layouts. A custom layout is also available from the American Association of Teachers of Esperanto.
LinuxOfficially supported Esperanto language packs are available for most Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and its derivatives. Check the system settings specific to your distribution for more information. Additionally on some English keyboard layouts Alt Gr+’ followed by c/g/h/j/s gives ĉ/ĝ/ĥ/ĵ/ŝ and Alt Gr+Shift+# followed by u gives ŭ.
AndroidGBoard, AnySoftKeyboard, Microsoft SwiftKey
iOsEsperanta Klavaro, Esperanto keyboard, Microsoft SwiftKey. Note: If one has a hardware keyboard, follow “ABC Extended” instructions for MacOs.

Video Resources

  • Mazi en Gondolando: Simple animated drama from the BBC with illustrations of core concepts

Other Esperanto Channels